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Power Supply signal before Rectifier Diodes

Sundown SAZ-1000D Repair Pic

dB-r Electronics is an Authorized Repair Service Center for many popular Car Stereo Amplifiers, such as American Bass, Ampere Audio, DC Audio, Incriminator Audio, RD Audio, Atomic, CT Sounds, and many MORE. We repair THOUSANDS of amplifiers per year, and have been in Business doing amplifier repair since 2005.


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[click here, you must use our ticket system for repair quotes so we can stay organized]

To see some examples of our repair work click here for our Repair Work Examples page. Just a few older repairs here, haven't updated the Examples page since 2007. Soon will update it with more of our "modern" amplifier repair work, but this page will give you an idea of the very high quality repair work that we do.

Sundown Audio, DC Audio, Incriminator Audio, Ampere Audio, Digital Designs, Crescendo Audio, Skar Audio and many MANY other brands of repair examples: Working on it... Will be making some new pages for the website to show off our work. We have repaired 1000's of Sundown and other similar brand amplifiers over the years, have lots of pictures to go through, and will be making Repair Example pages for some of those.

NEW! Fails, Fialz, and LULZ page!
Check out the new page. I have collected so many crazy pics of stuff that has come through this shop over the last 13 years, and just now getting around to creating a fails page. For entertainment only!

Some of the Brands we service: