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dB-r Web/Email/Repair Ticket Server is now back up and running. Went down during Hurricane Harvey due to flooding, power outage, Internet outage, all of the above, now it is all back up and running as of today.


dB-r Amplifier Repair: For Amplifier Repair Service go to the link below and fill out a repair ticket

Repair Ticket System

All Repairs MUST have a Ticket.

Product Spotlight - Ampere Audio AA5000.1D

Why Ampere Audio? the answer is Value, and BEEF.

This is a very nice amp. Zenon, Premium, but you might be suprised at the price-vs-performance value. It's a bargain. Check it out:

Click for Hi-Res Image

Click for Hi-Res Image

Just for Size Comparison, next to Sundown 3K, those 6 power supply transformers are BEEF
Click for Hi-Res Image

Click for Hi-Res Image

Dual Zero Gauge power inputs, a healthy high quality casing, and it's good looking too. There's a fan also on the steel bottom cover(not pictured) fits nicely in the amp to help with ventilation, and a small fan near the RCA end also.
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