Examples of dB-r repair work

But First...

A word about our repair techniques:

Some of you may know what this means, some of you may not, and may not care either. When dB-r replaces any parts in your amplifier, we completely remove the bad part from the circuit board, legs and all. Some HACK SHOPS will simply cut the legs off of the bad transistors and solder new transistors onto the leftover legs sticking out of the circuit board. This is VERY GHETTO. And on top of it looking really bad, it doesn't make a good electrical connection either. Solder has a high resistance compared to component leg directly on circuit board trace. Also, lots of times I have seen globs of solder arcing from leg to leg on transistors. And the solder connections breaking due to vibration. There is a reason there is a hole in the circuit board for the legs of the part to go through. It makes a strong, stable, and highly conductive connection for that part. So soldering a new part onto the legs of an old part is just plain stupid. But I have seen it MANY times, particularly on amps that have been worked on by a certain popular repair shop in Houston.

These HACK SHOPS do this because it's quick and dirty. It works, and they send you out the door. And they charge you the same or more than dB-r will charge you. So if you want your amp repaired properly, take a look inside after the repair, if you can point out the parts that have been replaced, then something is wrong. It should all look factory original, everything should match.

You can ship your amp via UPS/USPS/FedEx to dB-r to be repaired. You pay all shipping charges + repair charges, but at least you will know your amp is done right. We will do our best to meet your repair needs.

PPI A600.2 Repair NEW!**click HERE for a repair of a
PPI A600.2Class AB Amplifier
MA Audio HK4000D Repair NEW!**click HERE for a repair of an
MA Audio HK4000D Class D Amplifier
Autotek Mean Machine MX5000 Repair NEW!**click HERE for a repair of an
Autotek MX5000 2 Channel Class D Amplifier
Memphis MOJO 2000 (16-2000D) Repair NEW!**click HERE for a repair of a
Memphis MOJO 2000 Class D Amplifier
PPI PC2150 Repair NEW!**click HERE for a repair of a
PPI PC2150 Older Model Class AB Amplifier Repair
Orion 2500D Repair click HERE for a repair of an
Orion 2500D Class D Monster Amplifier
AudioBahn A8000T Repair click HERE for a complete repair of an
AudioBahn A8000T Class AB Mono Amplifier
Planet Audio TT2250D Repair click HERE for a Hack Shop repair lesson
I did on a Planet Audio TT2250D
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repair walkthrough of a Planet Audio VX2200D
Ultra Linear UL600HC Repair click HERE for some pics from a
repair of aUltra Linear UL600HC
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repair of aXplore AMP-4090